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Live Music at Tea and Poets: A Night of Pure Talent

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Your favorite artists may currently be on break, but don’t worry because local artists are here to entertain you! There will be outstanding performances at Tea and Poets on February 18th, 2022 at 7 PM.

In Miami, you’ll most likely never hear musicians covering your favorite rock or pop song (usually I hear Spanish covers – nothing wrong with that), but at Tea and Poets, you will most likely hear a cover of a song you are fond of. Sometimes a night of live music filled with artists covering throwbacks or perhaps recent songs is all you need. Plus, at Tea and Poets, there are many tea/coffee options and a great selection of pastries. If you are in the Miami area, then this event will not disappoint.


At this moment, a few artists confirmed that they can perform, and they all are insanely talented. We still are accepting a few more artists, so if interested message me (more info below)!


This alternative artist is bound to blow up soon! His music is unparallel to the other artists in the game. He experiments with all genres, and every song is produced with much thought. You can tell that he is musically trained by hearing his unique music.


This band is going to be having sold-out concerts at big venues in the future… so come enjoy a free night and watch a band grow before your eyes. Their new song is out now, and it’s called No Good. Everyone must hear it now… it is unbelievable.


I am also an alternative artist, and I have a song called Take me on most platforms! I will perform that song and one more song! Looking forward to performing for you all!


This hip-hop artist will take you to another level. It is experimental and new. His lyrics are raw and as real as it gets. We have to admit that the world needs more emotion and diversity in hip-hop, and well, all genres!


Don’t sleep on this hip-hop artist! His music is very unique and deep.


This is one soulful rapper! His music makes you feel something. His lyrics and presentation are on point!


In need of new hip-hop? Come check him out! His music is alternative, but hip-hop is the main genre.

Interested in performing?

DM on Instagram: @gangsterofthegalaxy or @doremi_ari

Call/text: 954-393-4791

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