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Top Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Thrift

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I got this outfit from Plato's Closet and then my amazing aunt gave me this scarf. Repurposing clothing and accessories are also good for the environment. It is extra special if a loved one gave it to you. All the clothes below are from thrift stores. Follow my Instagram for more. (:

My former environmental ethics professor would always express how everyone should thrift since it's good for the environment. That was his reason, and I completely agree. That's one of the main reasons why I thrift, but I have two more reasons why I do it. Scroll down for the top three reasons why I thrift!

Your Favorite Brands are More Affordable

I was amazed by the prices and how gorgeous Free People tops were in the midst of a thrift store. It is jaw-dropping to find pieces from for only $10 since most items from Free People are over $70. That is like a gift to me. On top of that, it's only gently used or new with tags! If the idea of wearing something someone else wore before makes you overthink thrifting, then you can search for the items with tags. There is truly something for everyone. You never know what to expect at a thrift store, no matter how many times you've been to that same thrift store before.

It Helps the Planet

Fast fashion is destroying the planet. We need to protect this planet at all costs for our future generations. Water is overused during the process of fast fashion clothing. It is turning the rivers of our grandparents into just dry pieces of land. It is just dry land with the tattoos of the water streams that used to once travel there. When you thrift or do anything to help this planet, you are giving the future generation a chance to enjoy the rivers that are still present.

You Find Your Own Unique Style

The mall is the average spot where people buy their clothes. So, it is possible to catch a plethora of people with that same top you purchased at the mall. That outstanding top at the mall shines since the clothes surrounded by it are dull and basic, so it is natural for everyone to choose that same top. Most clothes at the mall are too simple these days unless you go to Urban Outfitters, Zara, or Free People.

Thankfully, there are many clothes from those stores at thrift stores. There are many clothes that are brandless or unknown at thrift stores as well. With time, you will find your own unique style if you have not found it. Since you are looking for something you like, you will just be mindful of just that. Brands will be of no importance unless it is a brand you are fond of.

For example, I love Fairy Core Grunge. Fairy Core Grunge is like a cross between boho and grunge. I developed that style from thrifting, looking at Pinterest/TikTok, and watching the vlogs of my favorite models.

My Two Cents

It does not hurt to try thrifting. You got nothing to lose. If anything, you are gaining since you are saving money and finding little treasures. Below are my favorite online thrift stores and physical stores. Happy thrifting!

Links to my favorite online thrift stores:

My favorite physical stores:

Plato's Closet (Plantation, FL)

Uptown Cheapstake (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Owl's Attic (Winter Park, FL)

Odd Ballz Nifty Thrift (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Angels Thrift (Deland, FL)

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