Terms and conditions policies and agreements.

Omni Amity is dedicated to protecting the community and creating a safe environment for its users.


Omni Amity does not sell your personal data to bigger companies or organizations.

Suggested use of OmniAmity.com

OmniAmity.com recommends that you only use the omni amity platform to communicate with people you trust and know personally.  Do not share personal information or sensitive information with  other users. any information you do not want other to know should not be shares to the omni amity network and platform.  Omni Amity representative will never ask you for your passwords.


in the case of an emergency or danger, please contact your local law enforcement agency. if there is no immediate emergency, please report any activity, content or users that you feel may be inappropriate or in violation of the community guidelines

When using social media platforms, please be cautious when engaging with others users you do not know personally also be caution when engaging with any user. Omniamity.com is designed to be a social media platform where everyone can communicate freely and peacefully. Omni Amity does not advocate or condone illegal activities. Omni amity is not responsible for illegal activities committed on this platform.

Omni amity is not responsible for any legal actions taken against users that could arise from the use of omniamity.com. When using this platform, you are responsible to follow all local, county, state and country laws. Users who violate governing law of residence are solely responsible for any legal actions taken against them. 

Omniamity.com is not responsible for the activities of users on the Omniamity.com platform.

Sensitive information 

sensitive information such as credit cards and passwords are private information and will not be shared by Omniamity.com. with that said, do not share sensitive information with another user on Omniamity.com social networking platform, omniamity.com is not responsible for lost or stolen information shared from users to the user. Omni amity is not responsible for anyone's invasion of privacy. if you don't want users to access your information, don't put your information on your user page or the omniamity.com platform. any information shared publicly on your social media user page is public unless set to private. Users are solely responsible for any legal action that could arise from an invasion of privacy. Omni amity is not responsible for any misused content uploaded by the user.

When using omniamity.com social networking platform, do not share your personal information with anyone. Omni Amity will not ask you for your personal information or passwords. Omni Amity is not responsible for users sharing their personal information with other users on this website. When communicating with others on this platform you are communicating at your own risk. it's highly suggested you only interact with people you know and trust.

Omni Amity does not collect your personal data.  Omni Amity is run with the wix server, all users are responsible to know all the terms, agreements and policies on use and data collection of wix.

cookie policy 

all users are responsible to understand all cookie policies of Omniamity.com platform and services. please 


Revoking for misuse of the platform

Omni Amity is against harassment and users who are harassing another. User or group will be solely responsible for any legal action taken against them. Omni Amity is not responsible for any interaction between users of the platform.

Users' access or ability to use certain functions on omniamity.com may be revoked for Misuse of this platform. Downloadable content may be lost if user accounts are revoked and users will not be reimbursed. users must store any content they do not wish to lose on an outside storage system of the user's choice. Omni Amity is not responsible for any lost content published to Omniamity.com

OmniAmity.com has the right to end contracts, discontinue services, remove promotional content and remove posts without the approval of the users. users cannot take legal actions against Omni Amity for the removal of content on this platform, discontinuing services, and canceling contracts without the knowledge of the users.

users' access to omniamity.com can and may be revoked due to illegal activities that have been committed on other social media platforms.

users are not to take legal action against Omni Amity because you are to use Omni Amity's social network at your own risk.

Omni Amity has the right to revoke, restrict access, and/or terminate access to Omni Amity's website in the case that a user may be going against the community guidelines. Omni  Amity will do so without notice or informing the users.


users of omniamity.com services are not to post or use anyone's intellectual property without permission to use the intellectual property. users who misuse intellectual property without permission from the creators are solely responsible for any legal actions that could arise.

Omni amity is not responsible for any misused intellectual content uploaded by the user.


by using Omniamity.com you agree to the terms and conditions. if you do not agree to the terms and conditions please do not use Omniamity.com

Publishing intellectual property without permission to use may result in content being removed, or blocked from being viewed on OmniAmity.com platform and services.


Prohibited content and prohibited use of Omniamity.com

Hate speech.

suicide and self-injury.

child sexual exploration, abuse, and nudity.

adult sexual exploitation.

Bullying and Harassment.

human exploitation.

Privacy Violation.

Distribution of illegal substances and services.

Sales of controlled substances 

fraud and Deception.

Coordinating harm and promoting crime.

Acts of terrorism and terrorist organizations.


illegal gambling. 

sales of regulated items or products without proper licenses and or permits.

The user who violates these guidelines may experience but are not limited to 

legal action taken against the user and/or group.

Access to accounts being revoked.

Loss of downloadable published content.

Loss of stored/uploaded content.

Omni Amity is not responsible for the loss of finances.

Omni Amity is not responsible to reimburse anyone for any financial losses or property losses of any form.

Omni Amity is not responsible for returning any lost content to the user.

Users of OmniAmity.com services are solely and legally responsible  for Any content published publicly, and/or content shared between users or groups while using OmnAmity.com services, Omniamity.com is not responsible for content published in any form to omniamity.com services.

Service providers and selling on platform

if you are interested in selling services or items on omniamity.com you must first reach out to managment. we need to do a background check on anyone interested in sales and offering services on our platform. you must submit your business licenses information, business insurance, and information regarding the items, services and or skills you wish to sale on OmniAmity.com anyone who has not submitted information and done a interview will be blocked and  content may be removed.

Updates to terms, conditions, and policies 

Omni amity is a service undergoing development. terms, conditions, and policies will be changing over time to protect the users and create a better community and environment for its users. by using Omni amity services you understand that these terms, conditions, and policies will be updated and or changed, users will not leave Omni Amity legally responsible for changes in these terms, conditions, and policies.


Users will receive updates regarding updates and/or changes to the terms, conditions, and policies. Updates to these terms, conditions, and policies will be published on omniamity.com. User's of OmniAmity.com are responsible to review all terms conditions and policies before using any Omniamity.com services. any users who do not agree with these terms, conditions, or policies should not use any services provided by OmniAmity.com.


By using omniamity.com and services provided by omniamity.com, you agree to all the terms and you will not sue or take legal actions against Omni Amity, Octavio Norena or any workers, affiliates or acssociates. .