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Top Underground Artist in Florida

Updated: Jun 27

These days almost every song sounds the same, but Guap-O Unstoppable studied the sounds of modern music in a different way. Instead of copying the same progression and beat, he made his own unique sound.

The hot 100 Billboard chart is filled with music of all genres, but if Guap-O Unstoppable's track was on the hot 100 Billboard chart it'll shine much differently than the others.

He is a completely independent artist that creates his own instrumental, writes his own lyrics, and produces his own work. He is a one-man band, but he occasionally has other artists like Ariana Rodriguez feature on his track. When he performs live, he raps on the instrumental track he already created.

He also produces music for other artists as well. The artist that work with him know that something original and different will be born from his work. If anyone ever wants good music produced, Guap-O Unstoppable is here to help. You can message him whenever, and he will make the time for you. He is all about giving you the best service and everything he does is fair.

His artist name just tells you that you can trust him. Guap equals cash. O equals Octavio (his name). Unstoppable, the word you already know and that's what he is.

Keep an Eye Out

This artist is clearly unstoppable, so nothing can get in his way. Keep an eye out for this one!

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