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Most Profitable Upcoming NFT


This is a new era for artists, and for art-lovers. In today’s age, you can have an exclusive experience when you purchase a specific digital art piece called an NFT.

You may ask, what is an NFT? An NFT is also known as a non-fungible token, which is a digital asset that will be all yours. It is a unique asset that leads you to an experience you can build on or perhaps solely enjoy. Whichever one you purchase will be based on the decision that aligns with you. It’s similar to how you purchase basic assets like buying a home or running shoes. Most of all assets require research and involve you to at least like the product since most assets should last a long time – sometimes a lifetime.

Now, why are these the top three NFTS? The NFTs listed here are unique NFTs that will take you to an experience you will not forget.


Price: $ 500,000

This NFT stands out because you also get a vacation instead of just artwork. This membership gives you access to vacation stays and hotels. It’s also expected to launch within 2022! Location will vary between Central Florida, West Florida, and/or South Florida! Some properties may include events and activities such as music festivals.

Members will be able to access events and activities for free. Memberships are non-transferable. Terms and agreements may apply. Members are required to sign agreement forms before attending/using vacation properties.


My Two Cents:

Octavio Norena's NFT stands out because artwork is linked to an unforgettable glamping experience in Florida. No need to go to that basic hotel on vacation after purchasing his NFT. Life is too short to do the basic things in life, let's go all out!

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